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TPass brings together all your favorite treats into one place. Just subscribe, connect, and enjoy!

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TPass takes the load off you by connecting your employees directly to snack shops. We make satisfying your employees simple by taking care of their preferences, organizing the execution, and completing direct delivery.

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TPass offers a unique way to delight your employees, satisfy their cravings, and encourage team bonding. Whether you’re a team of 10 or a company of 100 employees, TPass has a solution for you. TPass is a snack subscription that delivers new snacks every week directly to your office.

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Satisfaction guarantee and delivery with complete confidence.


Easy management of employee preferences, delivery information, and subscription settings.


TPass provides 24x7 real time customer support.

Discover local favorites!

Our expansive partner program provides you with the newest, most exciting snacks from your favorite local shops. Our loyalty program also rewards you for supporting local restaurants.

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Frequently asked questions

What is TPass?

TPass® is the best way to discover, order and experience Asian drinks and dessert. It provides the Starbucks App experiences to tea lovers around the world. Now we start to serve teams and companies.

TPass celebrates life with drinks, snacks and communities. We want to promote Asian culture and drinks to the rest of the world.

What is special about TPass?

TPass works with every bubble tea and asian dessert brand to provide a simple and magic experience for teams. Just subscribe, we take care of the rest. We will bring happiness and surprises in every delivery.

TPass also extend team benefits to individual so the team member can continue using TPass outside company settings with the accumulated rewards and store loyalty.

How is TPass for work different from Doordash etc?

TPass provides fresh Asian drinks, snacks and dessert for team events or benefits. Unlike other platforms, we do the selection for your team based on your team's preference and every delivery will be different. We discover and source the best, the hottest and the most wanted.

How do I get started?

Click Get Started to fill out the form. Our team will reach out to you and get you on board. Ready to be amazed.

Working with all leading brands to delight your teams

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Cha time
Kung Fu Tea
Sencha Tea Bar
Boba Guys
Yi Fang
Happy Lemon
Ume Tea
Shu Liu Shan
Meet Fresh
Sweethoney Dessert
Milk Tea Lab
Tiger Sugar
TP Tea
Banbu Tea
Rare Tea